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Picture Board For Stroke Victims How Can I Help My Father Communicate With Us After His Stroke?

How can I help my Father communicate with us after his stroke? - picture board for stroke victims

My father suffered a stroke, April 13, 2007. The stroke paralyzed the right side of his body from the top of the neck to below the knee (all) on the right side. He has made great strides in his physical amazing. However, it is not in a position to speak out for the words: "No, Well, Well, my mother and I sit for hours listening to him speak to him again and again. He has 45 years in a Nursing Home. He will not be there, but can not go home until we can communicate with him. He feels that his speech will help use to help - the advice of pictures and tapes to try to. I said yesterday, that I think you can read. Today I will make a written record of the word "red" and "Black" and "Green" and "Blue" on the card index, while the corresponding colored pencils in front of him. If they are included in the cards, so I know he can play. Is it possible that I gave him exploit it?


amy r said...

Hello. I look forward sorry about your father. I'll give you lots of information here. You can see things in line until they are blue in the face, but there is no information as someone who has been where you are now.

My father, 54 years old, he suffered a stroke mimic 3rd December 2006. I was on him .. I know how you feel - almost as powerless as you should feel. First .. Why in a nursing home? Is there any reason not in rehab (if they do not know what it is .. Look Fairlawn, Worcster Ma, as an example is.) Was not prepared for the acute treatment? (3-5 hours). It would be best for him. Nursing homes have therapists .. but not the best. There are several things you can do. It's in the right direction. You can use flash cards of letters and articles. Look for these things anywhere in the speech. Hold the cards for him .. I invite you to pronounce each letter sound. Get it first with him if necessary. To do this, every day, no matter what you do.

He suffers from aphasia? This is more true to their l whiteEtters .. to understand the impact and short-term memory. Repeat to help these things. Levante prayers, I ask you to enter a certain word - you know, read the whole sentence, and know what ye ask. If you do not read it every day ... Even something as sinple that .. a book for children is all better. Also .. that the practice of writing with his left hand. This may come faster than speaking .. and must rely on your needs at home.

There are many more I could say. Feel free to me for further information. This is a long way ... but you're not alone.

So, you know .. It has more than 8 months ... My father is at home, on foot, his right hand a little dead, speaks of 75%, and 3 days of work per week. Things will improve, but will be slow.

- Amy

mistify said...

D very good.

Then there are several areas that affect reading comprehension. There are three different areas to assist in reading comprehension, and especially in the left brain (is that part of the movement of your father) ... depending on how these areas are concerned, be your reading comprehension affected later.

Reading is part of the assessment of speech "and that he / she will probably be able to tell you what is your reading comprehension is the goal-rational (eg, 10%, 20%, etc..) If your reading comprehension is good enough You BeABLE can use some devices agumentive as a communication board, etc. comunnicate

I would speak to me like the SLP, in all appearances, he / she has the answers you seek.

scotslad... said...

Be sure to keep eye contact and make a deal with him - his eyes left or right for "yes", the eyes up / down to "no" or something.

If you can not communicate, but how do you know what you think about your speech?

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